Blowing money like it's tissue

I'm getting physically and mentally tortured by my exams. Had my Science exam yesterday, Math on Monday and then an English exam on Tuesday. I forgot how I used to come home and not do anything, just chill on the couch with a book or watch some TV. Now it's as soon as I step inside, I rush to the kitchen to get myself some food, and then get myself to my room like a prisoner. Nahh, next semester's gonna be rocking. New subjects and hopefuuly less homework!


Bunch of other bullshit

Nahh, people who think they can just walk in to my day and ruin it. That is not going to happen. You can describe me easily; The girl who doesn't give a fuck. So, no haters, you want to ruin me but you'll commit suicide trying.

I'm getting ready for my exams. I have one on Friday, so I don't have to go to school tomorrow! On Friday I'll finish my exam and then go over to Rachels with Syd so we'll have so girl time alone.

Wiz Khalifa helping me with my homework

Sitting here with my homework trying to see the light for the end of the tunnel, maybe it'll appear soon ^^
I'm also jamming with some Wiz Khalifa so I can explain the title and I don't get y'all confused! Some people think that he's not a good rappers, but I just want to get a point across; Wiz is amazing and his 15 minutes of fame aren't over. Some people think that he shouldn't rap or that he smokes to much, but honestly, couldn't I care less? I mean, as long as he makes good music and something we all can relate to then I guess I'll keep listening to him.

Then there are these people that think that rap is only about bitches and money, and that just gets me so frustrated, cause they are SO wrong. Rap is about so much more than money and girls, no it's about fighting about what you want, nahh you know what I'll just let Jay-Z explain:

Don't bother

I'm not going to bother writing about why I've been gone for so long! I created this blog to keep my memories fresh, it's like a diary for me, where I can write about anything I want to without having to worry about other things. I want to remember the memories that I'm creating right now, because me of all people should know how much it hurts when someone leaves you hanging there, without a reason, just leaving you. No explanations. Just gone.

I'm happy to be back, because these times are hard, but I have a light with me ;) And this person makes me realize how it is when you REALLY care about someone. This person means everything to me and I think he knows that.

I will be updating when I can, about anything. Yes, anything that comes to my mind. Fashion, music, photography and just random thoughts. Stop by and don't be afraid to leave a comment! This is a new year and I'm praying to God that it will be wonderful!