Wiz Khalifa helping me with my homework

Sitting here with my homework trying to see the light for the end of the tunnel, maybe it'll appear soon ^^
I'm also jamming with some Wiz Khalifa so I can explain the title and I don't get y'all confused! Some people think that he's not a good rappers, but I just want to get a point across; Wiz is amazing and his 15 minutes of fame aren't over. Some people think that he shouldn't rap or that he smokes to much, but honestly, couldn't I care less? I mean, as long as he makes good music and something we all can relate to then I guess I'll keep listening to him.

Then there are these people that think that rap is only about bitches and money, and that just gets me so frustrated, cause they are SO wrong. Rap is about so much more than money and girls, no it's about fighting about what you want, nahh you know what I'll just let Jay-Z explain:


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