Look What You've Done

Lil Wayne and Drake - 2011 NBA All-Star Game - Performances And Celebrities

Calm Saturday Night

I don't have anything planned today, only that I wanna go for a walk with my mommy and just relax. Will for sure watch a movie and eat some popcorn. I have rented a movie called Jumper, which came out a couple of years ago, but I still haven't watched it. Still want to, though! Might give it a chance tonight. Now I'm just relaxing to some sick music by Drake..

Hahah, Rack City by Tyga is a song that I have HILARIOUS moments with!

Trust Issues

I'm going crazy by listening to Drizzy's new album online. I need to run to the nearest HMV to buy it!! I went to Walmart to check it out but it was sold out! :(

Will be checking out at HMV tomorrow, though! ♥





Make Up Your Mind

Oh my God, I forgot to post all the pictures from Wonderland, remember? The trip to Canada's Wonderland! Boy' haven't even written about that day, as far as I remember! Well, possibly because I felt like puking the whole week after ^^

It wasn't like the time when I went with a bigger group of people, on the summer. That time was unforgettable! We did some crazy shit that day and every time I remember I start laughing out loud randomly. I remember coming back home at 3:30 am. We were the last people to leave the park and God! That was so much fun, after we left Wonderland we went for some food and extremly-late shopping!! Hahah ;D

This time we went as a smaller group, not as much fun, maybe cause it was cold and ahh I don't know! I will be going next summer though with the same people. And posting pictures from the latest time just like I promised!


"the damage is done so I'll guess I'll be leaving"



Make It Back For You

Yeah since I haven't posted something in a while I'll be making it back for you guys and I have the power to blog now so we're cool! Anyways, did I tell you guys that is started snowing here in Canada?? No, well it has. In Orangeville, a city near where I live, there's over one meter of snow! Is is snowing in Sweden? I'd love to know!

Today we are celebrating my little brothers 5th birthday. So I don't know if I'll be posting more, maybe!


"I'm just saying you can do better"

I've been so busy these days. Lie but I haven't had the guts to blog. Just tired of shit and other stuff. These times when you just think "Fuck Everything". Yeah, that's how I feel right now. I'm torn between two people that are so important to me. And they both hold an important piece to my heart I just gotta decide who's gonna get the key...


Time Is All We Got

It's almost 7:30 pm here in Canada and I'm so tired. Actually, I'm not. I just wanted to say that, since it sounds ideal...Hahah.

Today was pretty chill. Went to Oakville Place and found a pair of shoes in Footlocker! Boy they were comfortable! Bought them with their spray and other stuff. I'll post a picture of them later!

Now I'm gonna go find something to eat and then go find a good movie worth watching ;D



Did you make a wish? I know I did. Even though I don't believe in those stuff...hahah. Anyways, yeah my day was filled with confusion today. Im so confused! I don't even know how I'm thinking. What do you do when you're torn between two people? Ughh...So confused.

This weekend I'm hoping to watch a lot of movies. All sort of movies, from scary to comedy! And I aslo want to read a lot!!! Finish some books I haven't had time to read and I also need to study for Science! Cause I really need do focus. But I can't, cause I'm confused.


Thank Your God Always

I want to thank God for making me happy this week.


A. ♥


I want. Now!


I'm stronger than ever

I feel stronger than ever! I really do. And I hope that this feeling stays. I feel like I can control anything and everything, if I really want to and I believe in myself, cause that's what you gotta do right? I thank God for each day I live and for everything that I have. For each breath a take and for each breath I let out cause you never know when one of these will be your last... 

I respect those who respect themselves

I feel a bit better today. I guess I just needed to let it all out. To face my problems and not just ignore them.  I've seen people that can't even respect themseves. Who can just make fun of others and not know what 'Enough' means. To talk shit about others like their back is a voice mail. Face you fucking problems and don't put them on other people's faces. Be honest with who you are and don't let some piece of shit let you down. There are these kind of people everywhere, honestly. So let's just ignore them all, shall we?

Heartbreak. Yeah, I can relate to this part. I've seen it so many times. Even experiencing it right now. When people you love don't even care about you. Mhm, ditto! But of they don't then it's not meant to be, right? Because if it is then it will happen, no matter what. And what if it all takes a turn and he starts caring and loving, all of a sudden and you live happily ever after. Or your feelings make a loop and go the opposite direction. One thing I know for sure is that I won't give up if he gives me his attention, because. Just because I'm not a person who gives up easily and even I would be surprsied by meyself, if I did give up I mean.

Right now, the only things that I can listen to is God and music (And then there's my mom whom I love more than anyone in this world). Love is something that's supposed to be beautiful, right? Then why the heck is so many people heartbroken out there?! Why do we love, get the shit thrown in our face and back stabbed by those who were supposed to "always be there for you!". If you can't keep a promise, don't make one. Cause someone's gonna get hurt in the end and it might now be you, but please show some respect...

People ask me why it's so hard to trust someone, I ask them why it's so hard to keep a promise. Yeah, if you really know me by now, you've figured out that I don't trust people. It's completely impossible to gain my trust. And if you did, then I shall congratulate you, and I will tell ya; I'm impressed. And PLEASE take care of my trust, because once you get it, it's so easy to loose.

Trust the person you love, and love the person you trust  

SICK of all this shit !

Ahh, I know, I know. My updating this week should go to hell! I'm so tired and not just physically, but also mentally. Everyday is same old fucking shit and the same ugly faces and personalities that need to bury them selves somewhere before Karma reaches cause it's gonna hurt..

You want to seem happy in front of everyone each day with a fake smile plastered on your face with two faced people in front of you, acting like you're a damn special person to them. When you're in fact the only thing that gets mentioned when they're bullshitting.

Disappointments, disappointments, disappointments. All that I get these days...

Sometimes the person who's always there for other people need someone there for her. 

"time is money so i went an bought a rolex"