Bring It Back

Yeah! Finished everything, just my homework and painting my nails done. Even had time to take a looong shower. Feel a bit more relaxed than I was yesterday..not by much but better. I really need to get away from everyone and everything. Even though I'm sure I will see "ugly" people tomorrow, too. But let's be realistic, ugly personalities exist EVERYWHERE you go. You just gotta ignore 'em.

Loaded up with some awesome Tyga and Drake music. My love for them grew over night. Suddenly I wake up desperate to listen to Tyga. Drake was amazing since his first song. But Tyga. Never knew...Haha. I will leave at 7:00 am tomorrow so I'm not positive if I will have time to throw in some posts (will do if I fins connection, but if I don't you'll have to read about the day when I come back or the day after that!). We'll be back around 7:00 pm which sounds fair since we have school the day after!

Now, I will have to finish some of my never-ending homework, so I won't get someone pissed on Monday. Already have enough shit in the load...hahah. After that I will eat my lunch and then it's some time wid da family!




Pictures from Wonderland! Can't wait for Behemoth.

Enough Time?

I have A LOT of stuff I need to get done before tomorrow! And I'm already asking myself if I will have enough time?? I need to create a list for myself. Like now! I have cleaning my room, visit Chapters, write a In My Mailbox entry, paint my nails, fix the hair, help mom with some other stuf and then MY HOMEWORK! (In which I'm concerned over.). Also need to go to bed early since I'm waking up at 6:00 am tomorrow!

I will throw in some posts if I have time, but other than that; Whish me Good Luck!



Right now I feel empty. I don't even know why I'm writing here. But didn't have any other shit to do so yeah. Need something inspiring right now. Numb. Nothing. No emotions. No feelings. Just tired of all this bullshit.

Like Ain't No Tomorrow

Yeah! Now I've loaded my phone with some uber awesome songs by J. Cole and Tyga (always Eminem!) S'gonna be "rap-ride" on the ride through Toronto. On Saturday I've planned to go shopping with Mom to find something appropriate to wear on Sunday, in Wonderland. Also, I need a book for the ride which is going to be about an hour long and I have a hard time focusing and getting distracted so I need to block the world when I read.

I will bring my camera when we go, so hopefully there will be some photos! Now it's time for me to go and relax, read a bit and just ignore the world.






Fifteen Percent Concentrated Power Of Will

Got my math test back today and I can defintely say that I'm satisfied with my mark! Got a 100% and that's a perfect. Other than that there wasn't action during the day.

One person I've really missed.. ♥


Sitting here with a bag of Ahlgrens Bilar. Only God knows how much I loved them. A couple of days ago my friend brought up a trip to Canada's Wonderland to participate in the Annual Halloween Haunt. Thought it was a great idea so know we have everything planned and on October 30th we hit the road all the way to Vaughn! Going to be great and I'm so excited. We are going with a big BIG group of girls and hopefully we'll have an amazing time.
I've heard that all the rides are going to be in the dark and there are people that are going to sneak up behind you and scare you. Yeah, we'll see if the "hard-scared" me will be scared at that time!

Today we changed our plans and decided to go out after lunch. I'm guessing that we're going to hit Square One again. I'm so sick of that mall. It's so crowded and you never get anything done there!
The only thing that I need from there is to go in to Yves Rocher. Need some lip balsam and other stuff. I alos need to relax. Feels like I've been needing every second of my weekend. School is so overwhelming and on Fridays I'm usually so tired that I go to bed at like 9:00 pm!

Anyways, now I'm going to work on my homework so I can later change and hit the mall!



Today was an awesome day! I felt really happy with someone and I hope you all did, too! For some awkward reason I suddenly felt that I just HAVE TO go to London. I really need to do that before I die. Right when I got back home a went on some awesome sites and found some fabulous pictures of Big Ben and Westminister Bridge.

Photo's are found on We Heart It:



I especially love the first one. The background and motive is just freaking AMAZING. I've noticed that these last couple of months, my interest of photography has grown very passionately. I have been seeing pictures that are so amazing, like these above and they are very inspiring. Dad has been looking for a camera for me, so don't be surprised if I suddenly own one of these big things! I really hope I do soon, though! :D

I'll Be Thinking

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm so ready. I have one thing planned and that is to read. I haven't read in a while now so I really want to do that! I might leave and go on a little road trip to Scarborough to visit my aunt. Haven't seen her in like forever. Other than that it's just chill.

I need some new music. Do you guys have any recommendations? Leave me a comment if you have a cool beat you want to share! Now I'm going to finish my Novel-Studies that I have for homework and then eat some ice cream!


finally done

Finally finsihed my never ending homework!! Chill for the last couple of hours before I go to bed...




"Change is good"

Saturday, today. Well, I think you all know that by now! Today I don't even know WHAT I want to do so I'm just going to wait for mom to announce where we're going.


"Walk the boulevard"

Thank God, finally Friday! I've been low for a while now because I had a lot of tests and quizzes today and I really wanted to study (like that happened). But anyways, yeah I had two tests, Chemistry and Math today, include an Art Quiz and an assignment due today. God help me. I handed everything in though and I have no homework, so we're cool now!

This weekend I have absolutely nothing planned, I think I'll take a pause from everything because I'm positive that I'll need it on Monday. I feel so tired of everything. It's the same freaking routine every SINGLE day.
Fresh start on Monday, though. Really need some new songs. Music is a very good friend!

Enjoy your Friday, lovies!


This Is Your Moment

im sick of all the waiting on something
im just gonna take evrything as it flows
whatever happens, happens

That's what I'm talking 'bout

Missed my ride home
Lost my iPhone

Yeah, I'm on a fantastic mood, even though I have a lot of homework and other shit, but NOPE I'm happy and proud of myself.

Have confidence, cause without it you're NOTHING! :D


School Tomorrow!

'me don't school'

Ah well, I have to go!

4 Days Of Complete Freedome (almost)

Hej bloggen!

Pa Torsdag startade min helg, gissa hur awesome det blev och nej den ar inte slut pa Sondag utan pa Mandag! Ja, far val tacka Thanksgiving! Igar kom Elif over och vi bestammde oss att bara chilla med en massa godis, chips och popcorn. Vi kollade pa Fame. Kalla mig efterbliven, men jag har faktiskt inte sett den. Men jag angrade mig djupt igar. Filmen var ju sa jakla AWESOME!! Fick ju lusten att bara sjunga med dom!

Idag vet jag inte vad som kommer. Tror att vi drar ut pa en shopping runda, behover ju nagra nya jeans och stickade trojor.

Vad ska ni gora?

Ha en underbar Lordag men massa mys (eller parties!)!

Scene from Fame

I Rap Like I'm Addicted

Idag har det varit lite tufft. Massor med homework och skit, lararna vill ju ta ut all deras homework pa oss. Inte sa nice, kan jag ju lova! Sota kommentarer! Keep up the good work, guys!

Anyways, nu drar jag till Chapters (min lokala bokhandel) for att kopa mig en Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick, den tredje boken i Hush-Hush series. Den kom ut idag ocg jag vet inte ens varfor jag inte haller den just nu!
Ar inte sa saker om den heter Silence pa svenska. Vet att forst boken heter Fallen Ängel. Maste lasas om inte redan gjorts!

Ha en awesome dag, loviees! <3


Sometimes you need a long pause from everything

Saturday = Chill
Saturday = Forget Homework

Vad ska ni hitta pa? :D