Bring It Back

Yeah! Finished everything, just my homework and painting my nails done. Even had time to take a looong shower. Feel a bit more relaxed than I was yesterday..not by much but better. I really need to get away from everyone and everything. Even though I'm sure I will see "ugly" people tomorrow, too. But let's be realistic, ugly personalities exist EVERYWHERE you go. You just gotta ignore 'em.

Loaded up with some awesome Tyga and Drake music. My love for them grew over night. Suddenly I wake up desperate to listen to Tyga. Drake was amazing since his first song. But Tyga. Never knew...Haha. I will leave at 7:00 am tomorrow so I'm not positive if I will have time to throw in some posts (will do if I fins connection, but if I don't you'll have to read about the day when I come back or the day after that!). We'll be back around 7:00 pm which sounds fair since we have school the day after!

Now, I will have to finish some of my never-ending homework, so I won't get someone pissed on Monday. Already have enough shit in the load...hahah. After that I will eat my lunch and then it's some time wid da family!




Pictures from Wonderland! Can't wait for Behemoth.


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