Don't bother

I'm not going to bother writing about why I've been gone for so long! I created this blog to keep my memories fresh, it's like a diary for me, where I can write about anything I want to without having to worry about other things. I want to remember the memories that I'm creating right now, because me of all people should know how much it hurts when someone leaves you hanging there, without a reason, just leaving you. No explanations. Just gone.

I'm happy to be back, because these times are hard, but I have a light with me ;) And this person makes me realize how it is when you REALLY care about someone. This person means everything to me and I think he knows that.

I will be updating when I can, about anything. Yes, anything that comes to my mind. Fashion, music, photography and just random thoughts. Stop by and don't be afraid to leave a comment! This is a new year and I'm praying to God that it will be wonderful!


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