I need some change because I'm getting sick of the same routine every day.

You read the title and I'm serious. One of the most positive things in my life is him right now, and that I hve my beautiful family, mom, dad and my brothers. But I need some change. It's the same routine every single day; wake up, go to school, go back home, do homework, sit in front of the laptop, sleep. Yes, that's what I've been doing for the past couple of months in my life. I need some inspiration. So, I've decided to write and draw more. Take some pictures, photography. I want to find a job; babysitting. So I can get my own money and save till I have enough to buy myself a camera. Don't want to ask my parents, cause this is my chance to be independent, righ? Going to find myself some inspiration. Be right back when I have some !


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