Make Up Your Mind

Oh my God, I forgot to post all the pictures from Wonderland, remember? The trip to Canada's Wonderland! Boy' haven't even written about that day, as far as I remember! Well, possibly because I felt like puking the whole week after ^^

It wasn't like the time when I went with a bigger group of people, on the summer. That time was unforgettable! We did some crazy shit that day and every time I remember I start laughing out loud randomly. I remember coming back home at 3:30 am. We were the last people to leave the park and God! That was so much fun, after we left Wonderland we went for some food and extremly-late shopping!! Hahah ;D

This time we went as a smaller group, not as much fun, maybe cause it was cold and ahh I don't know! I will be going next summer though with the same people. And posting pictures from the latest time just like I promised!


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