Sometimes you have to care less, to see if they'll care more.

These past days have been gone through with a blurr. Where the hell did the break go?? Someone tell me. Ah well still have a couple of days left, and I'm more than thankful for the weather. It's like 18+ here and on Monday it'll be 20. I'm so PUMPED FOR SHOPPING. I need to!!! My family is coming either today or tomorrow so we can go to the mall. I feel like as soon as I step foot there I might grab everything in sight!! Hahah. Also, got a haircut, had many split ends and yeah it feels fresh now.

 You may have noticed that Forever 21 is my absolute FAVOURITE!!!

My mind is crowded

Seriously, doe..

I welcome you with open arms!

I think I can officially say that it's spring time. The weather here in Canada is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to step my foot outside! This whole week is going to have temperature over 10 degrees. YEEE!! So far my march break has been really good, I'm just sitting here, chilling and taking things veeeeryyy productively! Yes. About the movies yesterday, it didn't work out. I got sick of trying to load the movie so I was like screw this I'm getting a book to read.


..But I miss him. A lot !

In Scarborough like I mentioned. Staying here for two days and hopefully enough time to relax and take it easy! Going to watch a lot of movies. If I find some. Like right know I'm watching Breaking Dawn Part 1. The worst part of this is that I miss my other half. He's an hour away and I can't even think about it cause it makes me depressed. Anyways, I have the time and energy to blog so I shall throw in some posts in between the movies.

Better late than never,but never late is better.

I'll throw in a post now. We were on our way to Scarborough, because we were supposed to meet with an agent but she didn't show up when she was supposed to. 45 minutes late and she's here, so I'm kind of ticked off..-.- After she leaves we're going to head out again. Going to stay in Scarborough one night and than back to Oakville. My brother is staying there for a week though since, we have a March break (YEE!) This week is only going to be chill. Hopefully get a lot of reading done and just take it easy. Shopping with mommy is on the list too. Need some quality time with her alone.


Holla if you got me and fuck you if you had me.

So I've been looking around today at some blogs, yeah Friday is like the only day where I have time to actually socialize online and surf a little. Anyways, I found some dedication. Trying to spend and keep some time to just relax and post something. A picture, a few words and that's it. 

Still on the search for a job. Must have one, need a job to support my spending. This is NOT healthy. I'm telling you..Maybe Chapters since I really like books and reading. Since I have a book blog, it shouldn't really be that big of a problem. I'll write it down on the application form.

I feel like me again.

So I took a break, I admit. Shit just got too much for me to handle. So I left. I made some points clear and I hope people follow them. I don't usually lose it easily, but last week was too much for me and I couldn't handle it anymore. I've been there for one person for more than six months, only caring for them. Only wanted them, and I still do, but it's like one week you mean everything to them and the next the leave you there trying to hold on to something that's not there. I hate it when people think that it's better to not show your feelings for someone, because you might get hurt. Truth is, you'll end up hurting someone else that's meaningful to you. Don't take my love to you for granted because if you know me then you know that I don't love easily.

I still haven't come up with an conclusion yet. I feel like I'm loving the person who hurts me, but hurting the person who loves me. Maybe they're both one person, together.. 
One thing that I'm sure of, I'm going to start living my life again. No more expectations, just go with the flow. So that I won't get disappointed. I really appreciate the people that have been there for me. I'm really thankful! I'm going to stop fighting for people's attention. Either you give me it or you don't, simple. I'm going to find a job, hopefully, cause I feel like blowing some money. I want to spend, but I don't want to waste, solution; Get a job.

Most importantly: Stay classy, don't let anyone bring you down with what they say or think. You are you and we know very well people that wish that they could have you..! You are the life of the party and that's not a compliment, it's a FACT. Now go out there and get them. Leaving the speechless, kill them with a success and bury them with a smile.


Grattis till Kron Prinsessan Viktoria! :D

Why are you doing this?

So I've been sitting here for at least fifteen minutes trying to figure out what to write about. It's not that I can tell you what I did today, since there's not much change each day. They all look the same, so that would be irrelevant repetition. When something interesting happens then I will update you.